Direct Lettings Scotland


Welcome to Direct Lettings;
the Private Rental Sector experts.

Our service is all about enabling you to achieve your financial goals in the PRS.

We understand that you want to…
- Maximise your rental yield
- Minimise your void rate
- Control expenditure
- Protect and maintain your asset
- Find and retain quality tenants
- Deliver a great service and customer experience
- Build a ‘best in class’ brand reputation

Our experienced team has a thorough understanding of the operational, financial and regulatory requirements of residential property management.

We are totally focused on providing excellent customer service to both you and your tenants.

The service we provide

- Analyse viability of potential sites
- Help with the specification & design of stock
- Create the overall proposition
- Ensure the product is ready to rent
- Generate local interest
- Let the properties
- Provide on-going portfolio management

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Direct Lettings Scotland